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At Publishing ByChelle, storytelling is the core of everything we do. We create stories that matter. Every person who works for and with us, has passion for this ancient form of art that has the power to move, inspire and ultimately lead people to making changes in their lives — be they large or small.  

Finding, writing and designing stories is the wonderful pastime that drives our team to keep creating, and to keep giving others a source of inspiration. Yes, anyone can tell a story, but it's not just the telling of a story that matters — it's about who is listening and who is acting. Who will take the time out of their life to hear your story? Why does your story matter in the larger scheme of things? How can your story inspire people and be a catalyst for change? 

Come and visit us. Talk to us, because we have some answers to your questions. After all, Publishing ByChelle was created to help your brand understand who might listen to your story, and to then create stories that have the power to make people stop, really listen, think and make changes to their lives. We move people, literally, by creating stories that matter. 


Michelle Hespe (aka Chelle) began her career  as a journalist — writing artist, theatre, design and book reviews while working in a bookstore and studying journalism, literature, photography and radio.

Michelle became the Deputy Editor of Outrage magazine (published by the now defunct Satellite Media) at the age of 22, and began travel writing for various publications. Being passionate about news and current affairs, and keen for some hands-on reportage experience, Michelle moved to Phnom Penh in 1999 to work for the The Cambodia Daily as a reporter and feature writer. The following year she took up a role as a journalist and travel writer in Prague at The Prague Post.

Returning to Australia her late 20s, Michelle became a foreign correspondent for Kyodo News, covering news and writing features about the Pacific Islands for The Japan Times and other Australian and Japanese publications.  

Having a great interest in retail and design, Michelle then moved on to become Editor of Australian Giftguide Magazine (The Intermedia Group) while also working as the launch editor of Urban Walkabout. During this time she was also a freelancer for Monument, The Weekend AustralianObject, DNA and Australian Traveller magazine.

For almost six years, Michelle was Editor in Chief at Edge Agency, managing large editorial teams on AUSTAR and then Foxtel magazine, and running the company's six inflight titles (three of which she launched) for Rex Airlines, Skywest, Skytrans, Airnorth, Alliance and Cobham. During this time she also worked on the launch of the online magazine for Accor Advantage Plus members, La Vie, and launched Inside Mining magazine — a business and mining magazine covering the Australian mining and agribusiness sectors. 

Michelle left Edge to become the launch Editor of National Geographic Traveller magazine in Australia and New Zealand, producing the first six issues and managing the launch of its website and app.  

Michelle then went on to become the Global Editor in Chief of The CEO Magazine, and with a team of twelve staff, drove the relaunch of the Australian and European editions while launching editions in India and Asia.

Since 2005, Michelle has also worked as a contract writer and editor for the International Housewares Association in Chicago, covering news and writing features about retail and design. She is also a regular presenter on Sky Business Class, covering exciting destinations and new travel ideas for the corporate world.  

After 21 years in the publishing industry, Michelle decided that it was time to create her own publishing and content company. Having launched and relaunched a diverse array of titles in print, online and in app form, and having been a copywriter for over 18 years, Publishing ByChelle was the logical next step.

Publishing ByChelle's mission is to create stories that matter.  

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Driven by a love for the planet and all creatures great and small

Whether the content be in the form of news, video, feature articles or an entire magazine, Chelle's work often has a focus on people, culture and the environment, as she has a passionate belief that it is our responsibility to take care of the planet and everything on it, for future generations to enjoy. The preservation of ancient cultures, the improvement of life for the less fortunate and the protection of our precious flora and fauna are all things that Michelle hopes that her work and stories can help to achieve. In the words of Sir David Attenborough: "No one will protect what they don't care about, and no one will care about what they have not experienced." 

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Connections, collaboration, creativity and change

Chelle and her team believe that in today's world, where a shared economy is quickly becoming the norm and collaboration is more often than not the key to success, that positive change can be achieved through having the right connections and a strong supportive network. It's about surrounding yourself with good, smart people who care. After 21 years in the industry, Michelle's connections are one of her strongest assets, and she believes in sharing. At Publishing ByChelle clients are treated and trusted as creative collaborators.   


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