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About Publishing ByChelle

At Publishing ByChelle, storytelling is the core of everything we do. We create stories that matter. Every person who works for and with us, has passion for this ancient form of art that has the power to move, inspire and ultimately lead people to making changes in their lives — be they large or small.  

Finding, writing and designing stories is the wonderful pastime that drives our team to keep creating, and to keep giving others a source of inspiration. Yes, anyone can tell a story, but it's not just the telling of a story that matters — it's about who is listening and who is acting. Who will take the time out of their life to hear your story? Why does your story matter in the larger scheme of things? How can your story inspire people and be a catalyst for change? 

Come and visit us. Talk to us, because we have some answers to your questions. After all, Publishing ByChelle was created to help your brand understand who might listen to your story, and to then create stories that have the power to make people stop, really listen, think and make changes to their lives. We move people, literally, by creating stories that matter. 



Meet the Team

Everyone at Publishing ByChelle is a passionate storyteller, across all  media platforms. We love print and digital publishing, and get really excited about the fun to be had with social media and multi-tiered campaigns.


Michelle - Publisher

I'm Michelle, otherwise known as Chelle, and I've been having a load of fun creating stories since the day I could use a pencil. I'm always thinking of a new way to create stories that matter.

Favourite travel experience
Near Churchill in the subarctic, I had the opportunity to rub noses with a polar bear. He was under our tundra buggy, and lifted his head up to the grate where you stomp the snow off your boots. I lay down so that our faces met.

Top of the travel bucket list
The Galapagos islands, to meet the blue-footed Booby, and the Amazon Jungle to go piranha fishing. I love fishing and forests.


Sarah - Assistant Editor

I’m Sarah. I love working on everything editorial, from hunting down a small quirky regional event to implementing engaging social media campaigns.

Favourite travel experience
Hiking in Austria. We took a wrong turn which led to a surreal hike up a mountain so coated in cloud we could only see two metres in any direction.

Top of the travel bucket list
Tasmania. I’d love to pause at the centre of Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers – surrounded by thousands of kilometres of rainforest.




Jon - Creative Director

I’m Jon, the print and digital designer for PBC. I love working across an extensive array of creative disciplines, promoting company brands and helping clients to build bigger audiences.

Favourite travel experience
Riding a tuk-tuk 4000km from the north to the south of India and exploring the glacial landscapes of Iceland.

Top of the travel bucket list
To go to the southern-most point of the South Pole, on a husky-led sleigh ride, just so that I can have a cool beer there.


Effe - Sales Manager

I'm Effe. I have always worked in publishing and I really enjoy reading magazines, both in print, and online. And I love meeting new people, which is part and parcel of this game.

Favourite travel experience
When it comes to ultimate travel destinations, one of most beautiful islands in the world is Santorini in Greece — it's breathtakingly beautiful and brings back the best memories.

Top of the travel bucket list
Exploring the Grand Canyon and celebrating a big milestone in Vegas with my family.